A Revolution in Chewing Gum Removal

Chewing Gum RemovalDon’t be fooled by the seemingly humoristic title of this article – for professional cleaners, removal of chewing gum (and the staining left behind) is amongst the trickiest tasks out there. Up to now, the most effective way to remove old chewing gum from different paved and non-paved surfaces was to use the full power and might of pressure washing machines also known as jet washers. Get the best cleaning services i have tried in London.

The jet wash is indeed highly effective in mechanical removal of chewing gum and the staining it leaves on the surface below. Problem with the average pressure washer is that it is heavy, noisy, risky to use and the fact that professional cleaners have to mind hoses, cables etc. makes everything even more complicated. An innovative R&D cleaning company in the UK has engineered a totally new piece of equipment that allows for quick, safe and efficient removal of chewie and stains from all types of natural and composite material surfaces.

The Ecogum Machine (as we will call it for the purpose of this article) is basically a self-contained, wearable, backpack device. This allows for extra manoeuvrability and reduced cleaning time. The Ecogum machine has the power to blast away any piece of chewie in under six seconds, which is almost amazing. The machine gets its effectiveness from a combination of pressurised gas and nontoxic chemicals, expelled through a high powered nozzle – much like the traditional jet wash. In this case however, there are no cables and hoses trailing around, and the machine is much quieter than its non-wearable counterparts. The Ecogum machine was tested by a UK based cleaning company on both interior and exterior surfaces and the testing panel was rather pleased with what they saw.

The machine is perfectly safe for all types of surfaces, and will not alter or damage the hue, structure or appearance of the surface being cleaned. However, just like any other piece of pressure washing equipment, Ecogum should not be applied to loose surfaces as pressure will dislodge bits and pieces which may lead to property damage or personal injury. The Ecogum is available for purchase or hire. Maintenance is available through authorised dealerships in the UK, where cleaning service providers can also receive information of best use and application practices, as well as advice on consumables required for operating the machine. Next generation of pressure washing equipment is here right now and technical cleaning efficiency is guaranteed.