Best BuddyPress Themes

BuddyPress is undoubtedly the top free solution to assist you on building a professional social network or large community similar to Facebook, Google+ or MySpace. Besides that, the CMS is powered by WordPress so that means it comes with all the benefits that WordPress has to offer. In simple words, that means you will enjoy tons of plugins and themes and the expertise of thousands of developers eager to help you create the ultimate online social environment.


Price – $60

Mingle is a very special BuddyPress theme that doesn’t only help you build a professional social network, but also helps you create conversion through multiple tools and page layouts. Among them you will have a full responsive layout, a drag and drop administration panel and a professional contact form builder.

Also, along with those you will be able to offer users a diversified design and layout so you can easily add customizations for layouts and colors on each page or post.


Price – $60

Is a theme with clean design focusing on providing best tools for users, but that at top speed. Salutation has a customization panel in the right of every page so everybody can customize the looks based on their preferences with complete ease.

The theme let’s you organize every piece of content while bringing to light your products through an advanced slider and great content dividers. Also, it is worth mentioning the brilliant signup/login form.


Price – $60

It was based on a concept similar to Facebook, the theme combines colors available on the popular social website with some functions to help you build a professional social network.

Besides that, Huddle offers 10 different color schemes and 6 unique page templates. Of course, in order to stimulate diversity, you will also be able to add 6 custom made widgets for different areas.


Price – $60

Ultra responsive WordPress/BuddyPress theme that works perfectly fine with the addition of WooCommerce if you are planning to build a store along with your social community. The theme offers option for you to create multiple custom layouts or pick boxed or full layout content.

It is SEO friendly and it also brings a cool administration panel for that and every other element available in the theme.


Price – $55

One of the most complete themes for BuddyPress there is available on the market today. DynamiX offers a custom skin builder integrated in the administration panel, multiple gallery types on one page, SEO friendly environment and lots of jQuery animations.

The theme also brings loads of graphics and ways to make content much more friendly to users making it a favorable place where to promote and sell products.


Price – $50

A theme designed for business purposes. SuperMassive name comes from it’s power to handle a large number of tasks along with a very powerful administration panel that makes your job a child’s play.

You will also benefit from a great number of shortcodes and content dividers that will make every user find everything much easier.


Price – $50

As the name says, ReviewIt is a theme designed to help WordPress and BuddyPress users to deliver reviews in a fashionable manner along with a cool rating system and a content structure that will bring the best out of the review.

The theme supports custom review tags and an extensive administration panel right at your disposal.

Game Portal

Price – $55

Undoubtedly one of the most competitive game related themes designed for WordPress and BuddyPress. As you can see, Game Portal brings up a very visual friendly environment focusing on a great content slider
and carousels all over the place.

The theme also has flexible layout and a 960px version. It supports great number of shortcodes and it has templates for news, portfolio, contacts.


Price – $50

Another theme created to serve the need for a review website. Score offers a fully responsive layout, multiple post templates and even a custom made score image created based on votes.

The BuddyPress users should be thankful because they get a Front-end login, register and profile pages with lots of customizations.


Price – $55

A fully responsive WordPress/BuddyPress theme that has a review system built in. The theme is optimized for search engines and thanks to it’s minimalist looks, content is featured very nicely.

It is based on HTML5 and CSS3 and also you will get professional sliders with touch and swipe support.


Price – $55

A very friendly theme that will allow you to create connections between users with ease. Bounce also offers a responsive design for BuddyPress and WordPress and it comes with 7 different color skins.

It is powered by Google Web fonts and along that you will get access to loads of shortcodes to help you implement content much faster.


Price – $59.95

This theme is a truly a professional BuddyPress theme. It brings up a profile wall similar to Facebook, an activity stream and lots of features for forums, groups and blogging.

It also supports likes for items on site and internal messaging between registered users along with nice ways for featuring registered members sidewide.


Price – $19

A theme that captures your visitors attention right from the start by bringing a top professional slider and a very user friendly navigation system through your website.

The theme is also great for promoting products as well as creating a large online community powered by WordPress MU and BuddyPress.


Price – $19

Is the theme that reproduces the blog network called EduBlogs, a network sponsored by WP MU. The theme offers pretty much every tool required for you and your users to be able to create a professional blog hosting platform and community.

Every piece of the theme is customizable and that can be made using an advanced administration panel. Also, every user will see his personalized homepage on log in.

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