Ways to Make the Most of Your Cleaning Company’s Market Position

Cleaning servicesThe success of the average cleaning company depends on a mixture of different factors. With time, if the company has built good, solid foundations and has passed the initial survival stage of the business, owners might look into solidifying their current market position (if favourable) or working toward improvement of their stands. If we were to move away from discussing the usual marketing, placement, service and value approach which is absolutely crucial for the company success regardless, the next aspect of improving one’s industry position is technology i.e. work efficiency and application of innovative cleaning systems.

Depending on the size and budget of the given cleaning company, its management usually has two options at their disposal. A – they can do their own research, analysis and some brainstorming in order to shortlist and focus on the innovative products, systems and materials available to the industry right now, or B – they can regularly attend one of the many cleaning industry exhibitions and conventions held in the UK. Doing this might seem a little old-fashioned nowadays, but the valuable information and advice as well as choice of products and materials displayed can shoot the company to a whole new level of operation.

Monster Cleaning Services Ltd LogoA manager of a successful UK based cleaning company in London, has shared their stance on attending such conventions and exhibitions. In a nutshell – at industry conventions, cleaning companies have direct access to demos of new equipment, products and materials, as well as innovative cleaning systems altogether. The added bonus here is being able to test the product, and then directly compare it with competitors’ products, literally next booth. Receiving direct advice from the manufacturer, as well as preferential pricing and certain hush-hush facts about products and materials are also important upsides of attending such cleaning industry gatherings. If you are looking to do this on a limited budget, you don’t have to travel to the biggest cleaning industry conventions in the US for instance.

Instead, you can search for locally staged events which are just as valuable to you and your cleaning company. Another big benefit of attending these conventions is the access to basic yet adequate training provided by manufacturers or distributors. Training your staff in the safe and efficient use and application of the latest cleaning systems will directly have a positive result on your work performance. Good additional training can also help you use existing cleaning equipment and products more effectively.

Suitable Service Range for Start-up Cleaning Companies

Cleaning servicesIt is common for owners or managers of newly founded cleaning companies to have a hard time choosing the right cleaning service selection, product ranges, cleaning systems etc. necessary for the type of cleaning services they wish to focus on. Here is some basic advice from Cleaners Fulham that should make things more manageable. First of all, owners must decide on the specific type(s) of cleaning services they will be offering. From there on, choosing the supply companies for the respective services will be much easier. Next, shortlist a number of manufacturers, or distributors that offer a complete range of good quality, proven products and materials necessary for your preferred cleaning service(s).

Working with one or two, maximum three suppliers is best for newly started cleaning companies. If a supplier approaches you with an endorsement offer, be careful as although this is quite lucrative, you want to be associated with a decent company, valued by customers and other cleaning industry specialists. Your name is your brand, so be very careful to who you lend it. Next up – don’t overstretch your technical capacity and practical skills. It is always better to be good or even exceptional in one or two cleaning services rather than trying to encompass everything out there.

Gradually, you may include additional cleaning options in your repertoire as you get better and become more established. Once you know which cleaning services you will deal with and have obtained the tools of the trade so to say, you may move onto targeting and choosing the customers, properties, establishments etc. you wish to secure as customers. If you will be operating in a limited area or district, zone down to a local search and see which your potential customers in the locale are.  If you are still providing a limited number of cleaning services, match your potential customers to your company’s capabilities i.e. if at this stage you have the capacity to do only house cleaning, don’t go for large premises or commercial establishments as this will be a setback.

Work your way up the ladder gradually, Rome wasn’t built in a day. In all instances, be a green and environmentally aware cleaning company – this is one of the most vital aspects of your business success in today’s world. The greener you are, and the more you flaunt it the better. Starting and succeeding in a new industry or business environment is never easy, but patience and savvy management will get you there.

A Revolution in Chewing Gum Removal

Chewing Gum RemovalDon’t be fooled by the seemingly humoristic title of this article – for professional cleaners, removal of chewing gum (and the staining left behind) is amongst the trickiest tasks out there. Up to now, the most effective way to remove old chewing gum from different paved and non-paved surfaces was to use the full power and might of pressure washing machines also known as jet washers. Get the best cleaning services i have tried in London.

The jet wash is indeed highly effective in mechanical removal of chewing gum and the staining it leaves on the surface below. Problem with the average pressure washer is that it is heavy, noisy, risky to use and the fact that professional cleaners have to mind hoses, cables etc. makes everything even more complicated. An innovative R&D cleaning company in the UK has engineered a totally new piece of equipment that allows for quick, safe and efficient removal of chewie and stains from all types of natural and composite material surfaces.

The Ecogum Machine (as we will call it for the purpose of this article) is basically a self-contained, wearable, backpack device. This allows for extra manoeuvrability and reduced cleaning time. The Ecogum machine has the power to blast away any piece of chewie in under six seconds, which is almost amazing. The machine gets its effectiveness from a combination of pressurised gas and nontoxic chemicals, expelled through a high powered nozzle – much like the traditional jet wash. In this case however, there are no cables and hoses trailing around, and the machine is much quieter than its non-wearable counterparts. The Ecogum machine was tested by a UK based cleaning company on both interior and exterior surfaces and the testing panel was rather pleased with what they saw.

The machine is perfectly safe for all types of surfaces, and will not alter or damage the hue, structure or appearance of the surface being cleaned. However, just like any other piece of pressure washing equipment, Ecogum should not be applied to loose surfaces as pressure will dislodge bits and pieces which may lead to property damage or personal injury. The Ecogum is available for purchase or hire. Maintenance is available through authorised dealerships in the UK, where cleaning service providers can also receive information of best use and application practices, as well as advice on consumables required for operating the machine. Next generation of pressure washing equipment is here right now and technical cleaning efficiency is guaranteed.